203.3 Rural Residential final draft 106.1KB
204.2 White Village final draft 102.8KB
204.4 Higgins Hill district final draft 103.4KB
acc dwelling and helipad languge 29.7KB
public posting announcement of hearing 12-21-22 94.6KB
short term rentals 91.3KB
White Village & Higgins Hill - Proposed Mapping 508.7KB

Residential Buildings and uses:Permits Issued 2022
Single Family Dwelling new construction4
Primitive Camp1
Single Family Dwelling addition8
Single Family Dwelling accessory structure17
Certificates of Compliance8
Change in Commercial Tenancy/Sign0
Permit Renewal0

Buildings and Uses requiring DRB approval:Permits Issued
Lots created 20220
Conditional Use0
Site Plan Approval1
Commercial/Industrial Construction2
Agricultural Notification not requiring permit0
Denials issued 20220