Town Clerk's Report

Wow! That is how I am summarizing the last three months. I want to thank the Town for their support and patience. After being away for a while, I forgot how much I missed the area and the people.  As I grew up in Waterford I remember the Town Clerk's office as a welcoming spot, I hope to be able to bring this back.  The door is open.

We are in the process of making some changes.  First, the office hours have changed to accommodate more people's schedules.  Second, the office now has a public computer for people to come in and search land records for book and page numbers.  Lastly, we are also looking at, if feasible, getting a debit/credit card reader for in office transactions.  We would like to make it more convenient for everyone.

As I am new to the position, I invite all of you to stop in and say "hello".  There is a lot to learn and I am grateful for the people in this Town who have helped me so far and I look forward to the upcoming events for the rest of the year. 

- Kandy Benedetti

Treasurer's Report