ANNOUNCEMENT~ The transfer station now has a clothing donation bin! This bin is accessible any time the town garage or the transfer station is open.

Waterford is a member town for the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District (NEKWMD).  The supervisor for the Town of Waterford is Rick Stodola, Alternate is Clem Gray, 2nd Alternate is Howard Remick.

Green Up Day Sheet



In the NEKWMD, the majority of recycling centers accept food scraps in addition to recycling, free of charge! Food scraps have been banned from Vermont's only landfill since 2020, and we've seen a big increase in local composting since then.

Our composters work hard to ensure that our region's food scraps are properly managed, but they are asking for your help to ensure only food scraps, coffee filters, and tea bags go into the compost. ANY other items, including compostable bags and PLU stickers on produce, contaminate the compost, which leads to soil contamination when the compost is spread across Vermont's landscape.

Please be sure to only compost acceptable materials through our NEKWMD composting program. We accept all food scraps, including meat, bones, and dairy items (which may attract critters to a backyard pile). You can also compost coffee filters and tea bags, and can collect your food scraps in a bucket lined with a paper bag, if you wish. Brown paper bags are the only acceptable bags! We do not accept "compostable" or "biodegradable" plastic bags.