Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer
Jessy Pelow
Joanne Jurentkuff

Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer
Steven Eddy 

(from Annual Report ending December 31, 2016)

Another year ending and a look to the future…

It was an extremely busy year with much going on in the office. The new Vermont Election Management System (VEMS) was used for Town Meeting and three elections and was a great training ground for Jessy Pelow.  Although she has been assisting for four years, it was a good year for her to do all the functions of the process and do it four times, and with great results.

This year same day voter registration takes effect, so this means if you are a resident of Waterford you can come to Town Meeting, register, and participate as a voter immediately.

The town website is working well and now you can access the town tax map thru it. Click on TAX MAP

on the top bar to open a whole new adventure. You can search by name, address, or parcel #. Use it and look around the town.  We welcome your review to correct any issue you may find. Call us at 748-2122 or email us at .


It has been a great 27 year journey as Town Clerk of Waterford. From day one I have been blessed with an outgoing town clerk, town officials, assistants, town employees, and citizens who have made this the most enjoyable and meaningful position in my career. With inevitable bumps along the way, I have always felt the support needed to make each year end well.

I will not be running for Town Clerk in 2017, but I leave this position knowing that this position can be filled by a very capable and knowledgeable assistant, should you choose to elect her.

Thank you for this opportunity. I know the time is right.  God bless you all.

During 2016 we had an audit of the town accounts and procedures by Sullivan & Powers, a CPA firm

from Montpelier. The audit went well, and with their guidance we were able to update and enter all the

town accounts into the NEMRC accounting system. They warned me that we would have “deficiencies”,

to not be overwhelmed by them, but to use them to go forward correctly. We reviewed the deficiencies

and have been working on implementing their recommendations during the past year. We will continue until all the recommendations have been addressed. The audit report is available at the Town Office for anyone to review.

The Town Auditors have been very thorough in reviewing and discussing all these new implementations. They are attentive to detail and have helped me greatly in presenting an accurate picture of the town finances.

With the future in mind, I am running again for the position of Treasurer. My goal is to transition the office of treasurer into other hands at the end of another year. We hope to have an assistant in training during this year to ease this transition.

Joanne Jurentkuff, Town Clerk & Treasurer