Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer
Jessy Pelow
Treasurer & Assistant Town Clerk
Steven Eddy

(from Annual Report ending December 31, 2018)

It was an extremely busy year with much going on in the office. Joanne Jurentkuff officially retired as the Treasurer and Steve Eddy took over to complete her term. Though Joanne has retired, Steve and I continue to reach out to Joanne for her years of knowledge.

The Town Office has upgraded the phone system as well as some needed office furniture. You will notice when you call the office after hours that myself, Treasurer, Listers, Delinquent Tax Collector, and Zoning Officer have personal extensions. Having these upgrades has helped the office operate more efficiently.

This year was very busy with Elections and maintaining the online Vermont Election Management System. With the online "VEMS" site come regular changes and updated Statewide Election Procedures that must be followed. Along with the election portal & procedures, we are always maintaining our Town Webpage. We encourage you to access the Town website, for information that you might be looking for.

I am looking forward to another year serving as your Town Clerk & Assistant Treasurer.

Jessy M. Pelow

I am thankful that I have had a year as Assistant Clerk/Assistant Treasurer to learn under Joanne Jurentkuff and Jessy Pelow. Their guidance and tutelage were invaluable. I continue to reach out to Joanne fairly often, and of course, confer with Jessy daily for their opinion or the correct way to accomplish my task at hand.

I began 2018 with an outside audit of 2017 by Sullivan and Powers. It was a thorough and successful audit. What I learned was that Joanne and the Town's Auditors had done their job in completing the daily, monthly and quarterly activities correctly. The Town's Auditors have kept me in check throughout the year with monthly audits. It is challenging for us to maintain all our records, from checkbooks to NEMRC, not to mention spreadsheets. The end result is maintaining accurate records for the Town's accounting.

We in the Town Clerk's Office have experienced the transition of the Waterford School becoming part of the CCSD. We should all be appreciative that Waterford continues to have quality representation in having several folks on the CCSD board.

The daily activities of Accounts Payable/Payroll, compiling data for the State/Federal Government as well as assisting with Town Clerk's activities keeps me hopping. Is is a pleasure to work as a team in the Town Clerk's Office with Jessy Pelow.

I commit to continue to contribute to the progression of the Town's improvements in efficiency and simplification. I look forward to what we can accomplish in 2019.

Steven C. Eddy