Gary Allard
Fred Saar
William Piper



2018 was a busy year in Waterford. Brent Beck retired from the Selectboard to spend more time with his family and friends and to travel more. Brentís many years of service to the Town provided multiple benefits, and he will be missed. Bill Piper was appointed to complete Brentís term and has been a welcome addition.


There were several events at the Highway Department in 2018. The biggest event was the replacements of Bridge 2 (located just north of Riverside Cemetery Road) and Bridge 7 (located at the southern foot of Hurlburt Hill) by the State. Route 18 was closed on two occasions, but disruptions were kept to a minimum. The State and the contractor were very cooperative with the Town in laying out the detours to minimize congestion and length of detour.


In 2018 we also completed the installation of a fence at the Highway Department offices and transfer station/recycling center on Duck Pond Road. We believe the fence will reduce the loss of sand and gravel and significantly reduce illegal dumping. In December the Selectboard approved the replacement of our 2004 dump truck and the replacement is expected in April 2019.


Recycling continues to present challenges as the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District continues to refine the list of recyclables that it will take. To help address this issue and to make the collection of trash and cardboard more effective the Selectboard hired a third part-time person. This new position is the Transfer Station Supervisor and will be working with the recycling and dumpster staff as well as working with the Recycling Committee on options to improve the efficiency of the operations.


During 2018 the Lower Waterford Community Church requested the Selectboard sponsor the application for a Rural Development Grant from the Department of Agriculture to fund a study on the improvements needed to bring the Church up to current construction codes. The Selectboard believes the Church is a significant landmark in Waterford and submitted the application. We were not successful in obtaining the grant but will re-apply in 2019.


The Lower Waterford Community Church views the Town Office as a potential occupant for space in the Church. To determine the space requirements for future Town use we engaged Black River Design in Montpelier to conduct a space requirements study, an adjacency study to determine which positions and facilities need to be near each other, and to develop a hypothetical floorplan.

Black River Design completed their work and provided excellent information that can be used as different opportunities present themselves.


The Selectboard approved funds for the Lister to conduct a Town-wide property reappraisal. The reappraisal will be conducted in three phases from 2019 to 2021. Each residence in Waterford will be visited during the process to gather data for the reappraisal.


Gary Allard

Bill Piper

Fred Saar