Gary Allard
Fred Saar
William Piper

(from Annual Report ending December 31, 2017)

 Another busy year in the Town of Waterford, with much accomplished and lessons learned.

We would like to show our appreciation to all who serve in their various capacities in helping guide us through these changing times. A special thanks to Steve Eddy, our newest addition to the Town Clerk's Office, and Jessy Pelow in her new role as Town Clerk. Also, a warm thanks to Joanne Jurentkuff for her years of service and guidance to the new leadership in the Town office.

The Town has been busy with general highway maintenance as well as resurfacing of Duck Pond Road and portions of Hale Road. The Highway Department has also developed an equipment replacement schedule to better guide in the maintenance and replacement of our assets.

As in every year, there are always the "neighborly" issues; ie., noise, dogs, trash, that take up a large amount of time and resources. Please reference any of the appropriate ordinances on the town website and help us all to make Waterford a great place to live.

We would like to thank all the residents of Waterford for allowing us to serve you and would encourage your input on issues.

Board of Selectmen: Brent Beck, Gary Allard, Fred Saar