Andrea Dinneen, Chair
Kevin GillanderRobin MigdelanyDot Borsodi

Daphne Bullock 

2018 Development Review Board Annual Report

The Development Review Board (DRB), as described on page 48 of the Town of Waterford, Vermont Unified Bylaws, carries out the following powers and duties:

  1.  To hear and decide appeals, including, without limitation, where it is alleged that an error has been committed in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by the Zoning Administrator.
  2.   To hear and adjudicate each request for a zoning permit for a conditional use.
  3.  To review and approve or reject site plans.
  4.  To review and approve or reject plats.
  5.  To hear and adjudicate a request for variance.

In 2018 the board took great interest in the proceedings set forth by the town Planning Commission’s initiatives to create additional districts within the town, revised uses within each, as well as the proposed changes to zoning to preserve forest blocks, etc. If and when these proposals are approved, it would be upon the DRB to fully understand these new items in the Unified Bylaws.

The following decisions were made in 2018:

        - Approval of two lot subdivision located in Waterford Hollow

        - Review of potential subdivision of land owned by Bergeron Family

        - Three lot subdivision approved between Old County Rd S and Campbell Rd

        - Approval of an increase in registered children for daycare for Timothy & Lisa Hale

The DRB meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM, at the Town Clerk’s Office. Public is always welcome, and encouraged to attend!

Michael Barrett, Chairman