Town Personnel

Moderator Maurice Chaloux/Town 2017
  Maurice Chaloux/School 2017
Treasurer Joanne Jurentkuff  
Town Clerk &  Asst. Treasurer Jessy Pelow  2020
Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant TreasurerSteven Eddy  
Asst. Town Treasurer (WVFD) Jeffrey Gingue Kevin Fontecha  
Selectboard Gary Allard 2018
  Brent Beck 2019
  Fred Saar 2020
School Board Mary Em Saar 2020
  Justin Noble 2020
  Heather Gonyaw 2018
  Patrick Cahoon 2018
  Kim Willey 2019
Listers Marcia Martel 2018
  Howard Remick 2019
  Michael Keach 2020
Road Commissioner Selectboard  
Road Foreman Lisle Houghton  
Road Workers Wade Baillargeon James Hayes
Ian MacDonald
First Constable David Coburn 2018
Second Constable Anthony Gallotto 2018
Delinquent Tax Collector Gilbert Trenholme 2018
Town Grand Juror Beth Kanell 2018
Town Agent to Convey Real Estate Rosemary Gingue 2018
Town Agent to Prosecute & Defend Gerard Jones 2018
Auditors Mary Jo Lote 2018
  Dorothy Borsodi 2019
  Sandra Lyon 2020
Librarian Jennifer D'Agostino-Resigned  
 Laura Abrahamsen 
Library Trustees Aaron Carr 2020
  Colleen Kozlowski 2020
  Nicole Begin 2018
  Virginia Allen 2018
  Mary Jo O'Neil 2018
  Nancy Cyr 2019
  Hannah Fenoff 2019
Town Representative Marcia Martel 2018
Justice of the Peace Kevin Gillander 2019
  William Piper 2019
  David Morrison 2019
  Bernard Willey II 2019
  Charles Lawrence 2019
  Nicholas D'Agostino 2019
  Marcia Martel 2019
Zoning Administrator
E-911 Coordinator
Christopher Brimmer
William Willis
Development Review Board Andrea Dineen 2021
  Kevin Gillander 2018
  Mike Barrett 2018
  Bernard Brochu 2019
  Dorothy Borsodi 2020
  Steven Eddy & John Gillott- Alternates  
Secretary DRB & Planning Board Steven Eddy  
Planning Board William Dimick 2019
  Howard Remick 2019
  Thomas Robinson 2020
  Mike Barrett 2020
  Dave Senio 2018
  Steven Eddy & John Gillott- Alternates  
Board of Civil Authority Marcia Martel 2019
  Nicholas D'Agostino 2019
  Charles Lawrence 2019
  William Piper 2019
  David Morrison 2019
  Bernard Willey II 2019
  Kevin Gillander 2019
  Frederick Saar 2020
  Jessy Pelow 2020
  Gary Allard 2018
  Brent Beck 2019
Cemetery Sexton
Dog Catcher/ Poundkeeper
Tree Warden
Paul Weaver
Cindy Cady
Jon Smith
Health Officer Andrea Dineen 2018
Fire Chief Kevin Fontecha-Resigned
Fire ChiefJeff Gingue  
Fire Warden Matt Lewis-Resigned  
Asst. Fire Warden Anthony Cantoni  
Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Vinton 2018
Energy Coordinator James Eldridge 2018
Asst Emergency Management Coordinator James Eldridge 2018
Green Up 8th Grade class  
Calex Representative Robbie Hallett 2018
NVDA Representative Fred Saar 2018
NVDA Alternate Brent Beck 2018
Joint River Commission    
NEKWMD Supervisor Heather Burt 2018
NEKWMD Alternate Fred Saar 2018
NEKWMD 2nd Alternate David Morrison 2018
Registrar Jessy Pelow 2018
Deputy Registrars Steven Eddy 2018
  Joanne Jurentkuff 2018
  Stephen Robertson 2018
  Rodney Sayles 2018
  Todd Pearsons 2018
  Barbara Dwyer 2018
Waterford Fire Permits
Call one of the following to obtain a burning permit in Waterford.
Tony Cantoni 802-748-4364   Matt Lewis 802-473-0393